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Discover Your Style at Scotch Hall: Fashion and Accessory Haven
A Fashion Forward: The Scotch Hall Style Edit

Nestled in the heart of our bustling city lies Scotch Hall Shopping Centre – a true paradise for fashion enthusiasts and casual shoppers alike. With its broad avenues lined with the finest stores, each visit is an adventure, a chance to unearth the latest trends and timeless classics. Whether you’re revamping your wardrobe, seeking the perfect piece to complete an outfit, or simply indulging in the joy of browsing, Scotch Hall is your sanctuary of style.

Embrace the Contemporary with JACK & JONES and RIVER ISLAND

JACK & JONES greets you with the cool embrace of Scandinavian design, offering an array of garments that blend functionality with a sleek, modern aesthetic. It’s the place to find your new favourite jeans, paired effortlessly with a graphic tee that speaks your mind without saying a word.

A few steps away, RIVER ISLAND beckons with its bold window displays, a tapestry of the season’s hottest looks. Here, fashion is fun, flirty, and forever evolving. Dive into their collection of vibrant dresses, edgy outerwear, and statement footwear – each piece a chapter in your style story.

Accessorize Your Days and Nights

Your ensemble deserves the perfect finishing touch, and ACCESSORIZE is the jeweller’s bench where magic happens. Delicate necklaces, bold cuffs, and sparkling earrings await to whisper tales of elegance with every turn of the head.

And for the young and the young at heart, CLAIRE’S is a treasure chest of fun. With an array of accessories that span from playful to chic, it’s where you can adorn your every day with a sprinkle of glitter and a dash of colour.

The Gentleman's Corner at BEST MENSWEAR and DV8

For the discerning gentleman, BEST MENSWEAR is the bastion of sartorial excellence. Here, suits are not just garments but armours of confidence, crafted from fine fabrics that speak the language of luxury.

DV8, with its pulse on contemporary fashion, offers more than just clothing – it presents an attitude. It’s where streetwear meets precision tailoring, and where the modern man can curate a wardrobe that’s as diverse and dynamic as his life.


At BOYNE JEWELLERS, time is told in diamonds and heritage. Watches are not mere timekeepers but heirlooms, while the jewellery whispers the sweet nothings of tradition and craftsmanship.

TIPPERARY CRYSTAL, meanwhile, is where light and glass perform their ballet. From the sparkle of a crystal vase to the clink of fine stemware, each piece is a testament to the beauty of the Irish craft.

Your Fashion Destination Awaits: Find Us at Scotch Hall

Scotch Hall Shopping Centre is your destination for fashion, accessories, and the joy of discovery. It’s a place where every visit is a voyage through the seas of style, a place where you find not just clothing and accessories but pieces of your identity. Join us, explore our offerings, and let your personal style flourish in the company of the best brands and boutiques.